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Collaborative Projects


Collaborative Learning Project

Welcome to the collaborative learning project! This activity is designed to enhance your reading comprehension, critical thinking, and collaborative skills. Here’s what you’ll be doing:

  • Read an Assigned Essay: Engage with your peers by thoroughly reading the assigned essay.

  • Create Questions: Collaboratively create both multiple choice and short answer questions based on the essay content. This will help deepen your understanding of the material.

  • Provide Answers: Include correct answers for the questions you create. This exercise will foster meaningful discussions and enhance critical thinking skills.

By working together, you will gain insights from different perspectives and develop the ability to formulate thoughtful and relevant questions. This will aid in further exploration of the topic and improve overall comprehension.


  1. Watch the Lecture: Please watch the recorded asynchronous lecture and complete the accompanying assessment.

  2. Specify Your Language: To help us provide the best possible learning experience, kindly specify your native language so we can transcribe and/or dub the lecture materials accordingly.

  3. Read and Collaborate: Read the assigned essay thoroughly.

  4. Create Questions: Work with your peers to create insightful multiple choice and short answer questions based on the essay. Be sure to include correct answers.

For detailed directions and examples, please click here

Project overview and examples.


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